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Tourism festival into a new fashion! The future of guangzhou will become important "destination"

Date: 2015-12-22

The Spring Festival approaching, all kinds of travel products is also heating up, this year Spring Festival tourism products has increased significantly over the last year.

A new generation of the way the Chinese are used to travel to subvert the relatives and friends before the Spring Festival traditions, tourism is becoming a new trend.

Nearly 40% of people choose tourism Chinese New Year Spring Festival become a new fashion

The Spring Festival will come, eat family reunion dinner, watch Spring Festival gala, visiting relatives become indispensable activity during the Spring Festival, many but in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard and the change of the idea, "tourism festival" also gradually become a new fashion.

According to statistics, in the Spring Festival of 2016, nearly 40% of people choose travel Chinese New Year, compared with nearly 10% of growth in 2015, in 2017, is expected to be nearly half of americans choose to travel before the Spring Festival.

Chinese New Year where to play? Guangzhou would be preferred in family travel

So, Chinese New Year everyone will choose where to go? Learned, Harbin, sanya, kunming, xiamen is still a popular cities, generally speaking, the southern coastal city of more popular, it is worth noting that the popular theme activities such as skiing, ruined.

In output as a tourist province, guangdong province, in the past statistics always left behind by other provinces, and in the near future, guangdong will implement the "victory".

50 billion investment in guangzhou city, wanda will bring guangzhou steady growth of tourism,

Guangzhou wanda city after the opening, in the south of a comfortable temperature can also enjoy the pleasure of skiing,

In addition, ski resorts, theme parks, such as show will also bring guangzhou more tourist crowd.

Skiing park + + film science and technology park, theme park show guangzhou welcomes visitors from all over the world

Have ten football fields of indoor ski park,

Can accommodate 3000 people entertainment, snow has a primary, intermediate, advanced, and the sled, four runs,

Vertical drop of 66 meters, with more high patent protector, adventure trails and slow wave snow more than 30 entertainment facilities such as the fairway.

In addition, the fusion of contemporary culture and local characteristics of outdoor theme park, with a sense of the film, science and technology park, the world performing arts master dedicates the thrill of yue xiu, wanda alum, indoor water park, star hotel group and lakeside bar street eight forms, will bring extraordinary experience for the arrival of tourists.

At the same time, the north station, guangzhou baiyun international airport and guangzhou this.i must level of traffic facilities, such as deep inter-city light rail, and the project itself is equipped with large parking lot, also will bring convenience for visitors coming and going, hot of the city of guangzhou wanda become inevitable.

In the future, with guangzhou's own superior tourism, as well as powerful attraction of guangzhou wanda city, guangzhou will become China's important "destination".